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September 8, 2000 Recap

Ahhh, the season finale. No more of me writing MTB recaps until season two of " Making The Band" starts in 4 or 5 months! I'm very sad that they show won't be on for awhile but I am pretty happy I don't have to do recaps! WooHoo!

This show started showing sentimental clips of past shows. It was nice I got a little sad . But even though this was the season finale it wasn't anything detailed that happened.

The guys went to New York to perform personally for some record exect. and they also met Carson Daly. While they were there they said they hoped to be on "Total Request Live" (TRL) one day. Later they went to Georgia to do a live performance for a camp or school.

Then it showed them signing a contract with "J Records" pres. Clive Davis who has signed famous artists like Janet Jackson. And then it showed the guys appearing on TRL (an appearance I saw when it really first aired. It was pretty neat to see the behind-the-scenes of that appearance).

That was pretty much it. They got the record contract they always wanted. It was great to see. They were happy! I was surprised Ashley and Trevor didn't CRY during the signing..LOL!

Well, that's my final recap until the second season of "Making The Band" begins. It's supposed to start on February 9, 2001, Friday and will focus on O-Town touring and recording new songs and all that. It should be great!

I'd also like to take this time to thank *everyone* on/at "Making The Band" for making such a great show and for the people on camera putting up with all those cameras in their faces and the entire North America knowing their personal business. Especially the 5 O-Town guys (and even the former 4 Paul, Mike, Bryan & Ikaika)!