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August 25, 2000 Recap

This episode started off with Jacob & Ashley recording a demo for a song called "Say, Say". And it also started off with --what else-- Erik SICK! He went out partying and then wanted to sleep in. All the guys tried to get him up with Jacob giving Erik a lecture and telling him never to call himself a professional again. (I had to agree with Jacob). Eventually Erik got up and had to answer to Lou who asked him when he went to bed, was he taking medication. Yada, yada, yada. Erik lied like he went to bed early and all that. (LOL) Ok enough about that.

So the guys go off to Germany two record to songs with producer Tony Morrison. When they arrive there are some girls waiting there for them!!! The girls had been there for 8 hours and it took them 4 hour to get to the hotel!!! (I think they were there to mainly see "Horny" Erik). So Erik let's the girls stay in the hotel room that was supposed to be his and Dan's. (Dan later commented that he had to give up his nice, big, warm bed! LOL! Poor Dan!)

The next day while Dan, Trevor, Ashley & Jacob go record some songs our sick Erik has to go to a doctor for his illness.

The four guys recorded a (GREAT) song called "You Bring Me Under". Since Erik was sick at the doctor Dan took his vocal parts in the song (ain't THAT a b*tch!) And while the guys were finishing up the song Erik walks in smiling at first but then realizing the song sounds just great without him (and also that Dan took his part of the song) begins to pout. He said he wanted to cry. (Ok, so I admit I felt sorry for him! Aww... But maybe it will teach him to take better care of himself)

After the shock of hearing "You Bring Me Under" recorded without him, Erik (along with the rest of the guys) eventually recorded a song called "See You Again" and Erik ROCKED! (actually all the guys did!) The doctor must work wonders because Erik's voice sounded great! Everyone was very happy to see Erik doing better and joining in more and being upbeat and not sulking! The guys were extremely happy with their work as was the producer Tony.

Later, a huge damper was put on Jacob's happiness after he talked to Lou who told him if O-Town "don't have a final mix for the song don't bring one at all". (Whatever that means. Lou's a business man. Why didn't he tell them what to record then? I don't get it! Were they supposed to record two certain songs and ditched the two songs for "You Bring Me Under" and "See You Again"??)

Anyway Jacob told Marc that no one at Trans Con trusted the members of O-Town and they underestimated them and things like that. (I see Jacob's point, but ummmm.... Doesn't he know that's what Trans Con is all about?? MAKING MONEY from boy bands. MAKING MONEY from a certain formula and Jacob thinks they're gonna let a 20 year-old newcomer come in and change that?? Come on Jacob! )

So Marc tells Jacob he's way ahead of himself and Jacob storms out of the hotel room (very dramatic! hee hee!)

We'll see how it all turns out and whether "You Bring Me Under" and/or "See You Again" will be on their CD and if so will the songs get promoted and made into videos or what. We shall see!