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August 11, 2000 Recap

This episode started off with Jacob, Erik, and Ashley joking about starting their own bands.

Meanwhile Jay goes to talk to Ikaika but Haku does all the talking instead. Jay asked Ikaika if he is staying and Ikaika said "If Haku says I stay. I stay. If Haku says I go. I go."

Later the guys go to talk to Ikaika and again asks him to stay at least one more day but he says no. Finally Erik says as a friend he will try and understand. All the guys hug Ikaika goodbye and he leaves with Haku. It's sort of strange that after signing a contract and wasting thousands and thousands of Trans Con's, ABC's and many other people's money that they just let Ikaika walk out like that!

Now a four member band the guys try to see if they can make it with only four of them. But after much singing, which included Ashley in various positions (kneeling, bending over, getting his head pushed down by Erik, *LOL*), they find out that they can't. So they start looking for a new fifth.

IRONICALLY they all wanted Dan Miller! Without one guy even mentioning it to the other. They all just so happened to want Dan Miller. Of course I think that was all set up by ABC or Lou or someone. But that's just me.

So the guys get around to telling Lou who their choice as a new 5th is (as if he didn't already know!) and they all call Dan to ask him to come out to Orlando to audition. He agrees and the rest is history!
Next week we get to meet Dan the Man!