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August 4, 2000 Recap

I'd like to start this recap off by saying that Ikaika is a darn goodlooking guy! He was totally hot in the most recent episode of MTB. But alas he's a spineless wimp!
Read on to find out why I feel this way......

The show started off on a boring note. On the end of the July 28 episode
they made it seem like Ikaika was not going to come from Hawaii and when he finally did it was only to tell the group he was quitting! (At least that's what I got from it) but it did not happen that way!

Ikaika arrived in California with his brother and he said he was going to try to be open and positive from now on and enjoy the experience. So that was cool.

Later all the guys were in a studio giving interviews over the phone to a woman from Scope Magazine and Erik accidently hangs up on her in the middle of his interview. Ahhh that was funny!! LOL!

Anyway, during the interviews Haku (Ikaika's brother) gets Ikaika out of the interview (talk about rude)! and tells him his lawyer wants him on the phone (ummm his lawyer could have waited)! I don't even know what it was all about. Haku was whispering and told Ikaika to turn down his microphone ( obviously so us viewers couldn't hear the phone conversation...How rude)! And before Ikaiak could get on the phone Jay comes out (and with an attitude..GO JAY)! He tells Ikaiak that they can't do all the interviews and photo shoots around him and that basically he was wasting all their time. (In the "confession booth" Jay tells us viewers that Ikaika threatened to call the cops on him!! (LOL...For what??!)

Alright after all that "drama" the show takes a break from Ikaika to focus on the return of Bryan, Mike, and Paul! It was cool to see Bryan and Mike again. I had never seen Paul before because I just started watching the show around the time the final five was being picked.. But anyhoo they all had a nice reunion and Paul informed everyone he was no longer with his girlfriend Carrah (Cara? Kara? Carah?).
I do know from reading other reacaps of MTB that Paul was a unfaithful dog to Carrah .

Meanwhile, Ikaika tells his former roommate Bryan that he missed him and wished he could have someone there again that he totally trusted (OK Ikaika whatever.. Anyone else thinks he never gave Trevor or the other guys a chance to get to know them or trust them?)

After hearing Ikaika's babble they show goes to all the guys in a limo where they meet songwriter Diane Warren (she wrote "Baby I would") and she gets to hear the song and meet the guys for the first time. (It was funny when Diane was singing
"Baby I would" and was making these faces like she was constipated or something LOL)! Later they all went to a restaurant where Shelli joined Ashley and Thania joined Jacob (by the way I was informed that Thania's sister Razaana is more a friend of Jacob's than Erik's and is not Erik's girlfriend. I didn't know for sure at first because of the way she (Razanna) was all up on Erik in previous MTB episodes. But I still think there's something going on between Erik and Razanna)!

OK...Back to the Ikaika "drama"....

First Ikaika doesn't show up for a photo shoot so Lou Pearlman goes to get him and Ikaika and the drive around while Lou tried to make Ikaika come to his senses..
Later Ikaika is at the photos shoot he is way late for and is in a TOTAL daze! (Ikaika is handsome for real..but what a ditz!)

Later the big moment comes! The guys are informed that Ikaika has an announcement to make! (Gee, I wonder what it is? hee he!)

He FINALLY, FINALLY, FINALLY tells the guys he is leaving.. he lets them know he likes them all but it's all just too much with everything else going on with the lawyers and all.

Erik asks him is it his final decision and Ikaika says that yes it is.
And everyone in the room had these loooong sad faces. Trevor looked like he was about to cry. Thania was crying. And Haku was in the background looking like a mean bully (there's something about that guy I can't stand. Perhaps it's because he seems to be an overbearing, power hungry moron?? hmmm.. I dunno)!

Jay and Ashley kindly asked Ikaika if he would at least stay for just the rest of the day to film all the promotion and do the photos shoots for TV Guide and all that because it was extremely important. And Ikaika agreed to stay for the rest of the day.....UNTIL his big headed brother Haku shook is big ol' head NO...

Ok..Now here is where I lost any repsect I may have had for Ikaika.. He's a grown man and he's letting his brother tell him what to do. He was just standing there looking like a 6 year-old kid while Haku and Ashley talked about "letting" Ikaiak stay for the day.
HEL-LO Ikaika! Knock, Knock...get a backbone man!! Sheesh...

And then Haku tells everyone that the family has "recalled" Ikaiak... (uh, whatever)..
It was crazy! That's how the episode ended!

Tune in next week as Ikaika leaves (good riddance) and the guys find a new replacement (Geee..I wonder who it will be!! tee hee)!