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July 28, 2000 Recap

Soooo. Let's see what happened on tonight's episode of MTB. The guys performed at the House of Blues and actually did a GREAT job! I was impressed and proud!
Ashley's (Shelli), Erik's (Razanna) and Trevor's (Amy) girlfriends were there. Or I guess "friends" in Erik's and Trevor's case. But anyway when the guys where singing "Baby, I would" Ashley's (Shelli) and Erik's (Razanna) girlfriends started crying. I thought that was melodramatic. But maybe they were "moved." Anyway after the great performance they all went home. Ashley, Erik, Jacob and Trevor went to California and Ikaika went to Hawaii. They never showed Ikaika in Hawaii for some reason.

In Redding, California Ashley & Shelli went to visit his old acting school and got a small but nice reception from members of the school and his old teacher. After that they went to Shelli's house and had dinner with her parents. I don't know why Ashley didn't go visit his parents and siblings. Aren't they in Redding, Calif.?

Trevor was with his long time friend Brooke in Fullerton, California bowling and hanging out. He wants to become boyfriend/girlfriend but Brooke doesn't because they've been best friends since th grade or something. And he also went to see his family in Rancho Cucamonga (yes folks that's a real name)! His mom said he was only at the house 2 days out of 10. Nothing much happene there.

Erik and Jacob was at Jacob's house in San Diego, California . His house is HUGE! I guess I should call it a mansion! In fact the show called it a COMPOUND! Anyway, LOTS of Jacob's family & friends were there. Including Jacob's girlfriend (or friend?) Thania and Erik's girlfriend (or friend?) Razanna. I don't know why Erik didn't go see his people.

At the end of the episode Ashley and Shelli met Marc and Lou at the Los Angeles airport and they found out there was problmes with Ikaika and that he wasn't going back to Florida with everyone.

We all know what's going to go down. But it will be interesting to see HOW it all went down. So tune in next week!