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July 7, 2000 Recap

O-Town was showed rehearsing, getting into shape and all the rest of the preparations. Ikaika got depressed and was seriously talking about going him. His brother went out to Florida to help him out and be there for him.(We all know Ikaika isn't with the band anymore, but it's still a moving episode). The guys went out on Lou Pearlman's yacht or speedboat and was late for rehearsal and got a lecture from the choreographers (TyJuan Jones and Raymond del Barrio). Raymond told them they "Ain't nothin' yet." And that if they want to be as big and bad as Backstreet Boys and NSYNC they better get serious! It was pretty powerful. I felt sorry for the guys, but in a way they deserved it. They made it in the band and they can't slack down now! The work only gets harder from here!