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This is Yvonne's story if meeting Shelli!

On August 4, 2000 O-Town made an appearance at The Rancho Cucamonga Quakes Baseball Stadium (Trevor's previous job-"Mr. Trash") We had already gotten our autographs and many pics of the guys and off to the side was Shelli videotaping the whole event. I wasn't very sure if it was her, so I approached her. I asked
her if she was Shelli and she said yes and shook my hand. I asked her who she was videotaping for and she said the camera belonged to Ashley.

I then asked her if she and Ashley were still together and she smiled really big and (I swore she winked!!) said "I can't have to keep watching." I then asked her
about Ashley's relationship with his stepdad and she said that they still don't talk that much, but their relationship has improved. She added that Ashley does
talk to his mother almost daily. I also asked her if she reads all the nasty and rude comments written about her by Ashley fans and she gasped and grabbed my
arm and her chest and said, "Oh my gosh..yes! I can't believe they post all that about me and they don't even know me!"

I then assured her that my sister and I have always defended her and will continue to. I told her to hang on to Ashley because he seems like a great guy and she replied: "I know! We've been together for 4 years!" She also told me that she's 3 years older than Ashley. I asked if I could get a pic of her and she was very happy to pose for me and even grabbed Jacob's brother (Bryan) into the pic. She impressed me very much because she was very nice to me and she didn't have to be.

Here's a picture Yvonne took of Shelli and Jacob's brother Bryan.

Pictures and Story Copyright to Yvonne.