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A little section dedicated to the girls we've dubbed the "O-Town Girls". Most of them are often seen with members of O-Town. So here is a little bit about them.
  • Janie--Well, she is Jacob's Wife! So "O-Town girl" isn't really the correct term for her. "O-Town wife" is a better term. Or better yet, "Jacob's Wife!"
    Jacob and Janie first started going out in Jr. High and have had a long lasting friendship dating off and on throughout the years and finally marrying in October 2002! People first got to know of her from the 2nd season of Making the Band, where she was filmed with Jacob and the guys. She even read a love note that Jacob wrote her when they were in the 5th grade. Janie is slim and pretty with blonde hair and seems very down-to-earth and kind.

  • Shelli-- Ashley's on-again/off-again girlfriend. She has dark brown hair and dark brown eyes and is rather petite and lives in Redding, CA. She and Ashley started dating , I guess around 1998. She and Ashley had major ups and downs during the first season of MTB but remains (at the least) close friends . During the 2nd season of MTB Ashley asked Shelli if they could start dating again but she said no but they remained extremely close. Now on the Feb. 2, 2002 episode of Making the Band Ashley says he and Shelli are back together and the episode shows them being very lovey dovey towards each other.

  • Thania-- Jacob's friend. She's tall and very slim with long, flowing wavy light brown hair. She dresses sort of bohemian like and has a big friendly smile. I believe she is from California and has known Jacob for awhile. Jacob says he can talk to Thania about anything and be himself around her and not worry about feeling dumb.

  • Razaana--She is Thania's sister. She looks a lot like Thania (they both have that big friendly smile) except her hair is short and curly (or at least it is on M.T.B.). And she's also a model. She is also a friend of Jacob's but seems to like Erik a lot. When she's in Florida Erik's the one she's always hugging on and talking to.

  • Amy--She's Trevor's friend. She has brown hair and is pretty in a girl-next-door sort of way. She's often seen with Trevor in Florida and seems to always accompany him on O-Town shows an gigs.

  • Brooke--I just know that she lives in Fullerton, California and has been a friend of Trevor's since the 7th grade. Trevor wants (or wanted) to have a romantic relationship with her but she just wanted to remain friends. She sort of looks like Amy!

  • Cindy--She is Dan's ex-girlfriend. She has blonde hair and has that sort of "All-American" look. Dan said she was very upset (sad) when he left for Orlando but that she knew when she got with him that he would persue a showbiz career. She is still good friends with Dan and visit him when she can. They're still close but as of now don't seem to be dating again.

  • Kelly--ANOTHER one of Trevor's girls. They dated briefly in college. On the 2nd season of MTB Trevor asked Kelly if they could start dating again. She took forever to say YES only to later break it off. She also resembles Amy and Brooke. We definitely know Trevor's taste in women! Nice and pretty girls with brown hair!

  • Erin--She's Dan's new girlfriend. But much isn't known about her just that she and Dan have known each other for years and I think are from the same hometown.

  • Jamie--She's the pretty blonde girl from the Feb 2, 2002 episode of Making the Band and a good friend of Ashley's girlfriend Shelli. She's a former Pro-cheerleader. She gave Trevor her phone number so maybe something is happening between them. We shall see!

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