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Trevor ::MSN Chat::

DishDiva : Trevor, it's great to see you. Welcome to MSN Live!

Trevor : Hello and thanks for joining me this evening for the nice little chat that we're about to have!!

DishDiva : Let's jump right in with audience questions.

DishDiva : PlumpCriminal Asks: Is it a dream come true to have girls screaming your name? love ya , linda

Trevor : aww, thank you!! It's definitely a surprise just because I'm the same person that I've always been to go from normal to have girls scream your name, it's definitely weird. This whole situation is definitely a dream come true, so yes and no. And I love you back!

DishDiva : JacobzBaby says: Hey Trevor! Whats the most embarassing thing that you have been caught doing on camera!

Trevor :
I saw tomorrow night's episode and I would have to say the part where I was in the studio trying to sing a high note and I crack like crazy. That was pretty embarrassing. And I love you back too!

DishDiva : We are talking with Trevor Penick of O-Town from ABC's "Making the Band."

DishDiva : baBykIssEs4U Asks: How often do you get to visit home?

Trevor : I would say once every 2 months at the rate we've been going. But I know once the album comes out and we do more stuff, I know it's going to be a lot worse. I'm not prepared for that because I always miss home, so I'm not prepared for that and I'm scared.

DishDiva : TorontoOtownGirl Asks: What kind of girl do you look for?

Trevor : First off, a girl with a sense of humor, good personality, likes to go out and dance and have fun, interested in being a very strong family person, and very strong willed!

DishDiva : ILuvO_TOWN Asks: Do you have an e-mail that fans can write you?

Trevor : I am in the process of getting a new one, but you can try me at

DishDiva : koolkat764 says: What was your first reaction when you were picked for the band?

Trevor : It was like your lifetime goal came true just by one person saying your name. That was definitely a dream come true and that's all I can say to explain it.

DishDiva : otwonlover says: Hey Trevor do you have any pets if so what kind do you have? I love you soooooooooo much!!!!!!!!,Luv ya Heather

Trevor : aww thank you Heather!! you too! I have one pet at home, a dog named Lucy named after Lucy Ball because my sister just loved "I Love Lucy!" Actually Lucy Ricardo.

DishDiva : AZN_SENSASHYN says: Trevor, what is your lucky number?

Trevor : My lucky number I would have to say would be 5. It was my favorite number all through high school. I had 4 friends that hang out together, not a singing group, just friends, and we called ourselves "Five." That was before the band named "Five" came out.

DishDiva : Missie17 Asks: Hey! I love you so much! I was wondering if "Baby I Would" become a single? Luv, Missie!

Trevor :We hope "Baby I Would" will become a single. If it does become a single, it will probably be the 3rd single. you too! Thank you so much! You can look for our first single at the end of September.

DishDiva : Purkle says: Trevor, when is your C.D. coming out?

Trevor :CD should hopefully be out around Christmas time, so definitely put it on your Christmas list!

DishDiva : Otown_Chick Asks: Why do you put the number 269 on all your autographs?

Trevor : 269 is my fraterninity initiation number. And it's kind of just my way of staying true to my fraternity and letting them know that I haven't forgotten them.

DishDiva : What does your fraternity think of all this?

Trevor : They're pretty overwhelmed. They're just like "man we knew someday.." but they didn't realize it would be right now. But it's awesome. They are so supportive! They don't treat me any differently.

DishDiva : hot_girl_247 Asks: My question for Trevor is what goes through your head onstage?

Trevor :Not much goes through my mind because I'm in such a zone to perform and I'm thinking that I need to make as much eye contact as possible, the music, and how I can have the best time up here so the audience can have a good time.

DishDiva : InLuVwiToTown Asks: i <3 u trevor!!!!!! do u guys have a ritual u all do before a performance? -CINDY

Trevor : No, we don't really hit any hackysacks around (laugh). Mostly before each performance and rehersals we pray in and we pray out. That's the main thing we do.

DishDiva : vanessa_nikki Asks: Are you guys going to have an official website? (from the toronto hampster girls)

Trevor :Yeah, Ashley's brother is going to start up a site because he's a real computer guy. We're not sure when it's going up, but it's going to have behind the scenes of us. We're really excited about it.

DishDiva :Do you like the newest member the band, and do you find it easy to accept him in the group?

Trevor : We absolutely love Dan. We picked him personally, the 4 that were left. So it was something we wanted. I think it was hard for him at first because he was trying to click with us and find our humor. We gave him a hard time in the beginning (laugh) but he's the perfect piece of the puzzle that was missing. And we will hopefully now be a successful group.

DishDiva : all_4_otown_ Asks: HI TREVOR!!! I just wanted to ask you what your future goals are in the music buisness? luv u lots Sarah, 17, canada

Trevor : Hi Sarah!! I think as a group our main goal is just to earn respect from the industry that we are artists and not just 5 guys thrown on stage. On our stage show we'll be playing instruments and we'll be doing special things that will set us apart from other bands to get us the respect we deserve.

DishDiva : gurl_from_jupiter Asks: From all your songs, which is the most fun to perform? you!

Trevor : I would have to say "All For Love" because it's a fast one, upbeat, it's right up my ally. I love to freestyle during a song, it's got the most energy, and it's the first song we had and has special meaning to it.

DishDiva : Julie† Asks: Your mother looked like she was having a hard time with not getting to see you often. How is she taking all of this fame?

Trevor : My mom is like my biggest fan! She's like on the websites every day, and scrapbooks. I think it's hard for her to have me gone and not to be able to talk to me every day. But she's getting better as time goes on and I think the more it happens the more she'll get used to it. I think it also helps us charish the time we have together more. And we don't take that time for granted.

DishDiva : BaByCaKeZ811 Asks: Hi!! What is ur favorite TV show? Love you soo much!

Trevor : Making the Band (laugh). Before that was "Saved By The Bell" the first ones with Zack and Kelly and "90210."

DishDiva : Trevor_is_a_sweetie Asks: Hey Trevor, You seemed so unhappy when you were home with Brooke is it better when you go home now???LUV YOU!!!!!!!!

Trevor : Yes, it is a lot better when I go home. We both realized we were better off that we just remain friends and that makes it a lot easier when I go home and see her. you too!

DishDiva : sunny Asks: in "all for love " you do this dance move whare you bounce and move you arm, i just love it! Where did you learn to dance? love laura

Trevor :I actually didn't really like learn. I never took dance classes, I just grew up dancing. I guess I was born with a lot of rhythm (laugh). Now I learn every day with coreographers. I good tap in college and this just broadens that all. And thank you so much!!

DishDiva : im4evayours Asks: hey Trev!! when r u guyz gonna make ur first video?? luv ya lots hun!!!~Breanne =)

Trevor : Hopefully with the way things are going right now, if we get our single out in September, we'll be making a video then too. I don't really know how the schedule works because I'm new at this, but hopefully October. And it will be really cool! I promise!!

DishDiva : OtownGirlie15 says: Trevor, hey ! If a fan gave you a gift what would be the best thing they could give you?

Trevor : I don't know, anything having to do with Will Smith or Britney Spears.

DishDiva : Have you met Will Smith yet?

Trevor :No I haven't yet, unfortunately. Some day it will happen, some day it will happen!!

DishDiva : zoukes1 Asks: is it fun living in a house with 4 other guys? do you get privacy? I luv ya soooooo much!!!

Trevor :In the house we lived in, I really like the atmosphere because we really had to click as a group and living together really helped that a lot. The only privacy we didn't get was because of the cameras. We live in different apartments now so it's a lot easier to get privacy.

DishDiva : jackie_551 Asks: Who is your celebrity crush?

Trevor : I would have to say Britney Spears. Or Alyssa Milano.

DishDiva : OTownsFans Asks: Hey Trevor. You are so talented. I remember hearing that O-Town had been working with Christina Aguilera on this true, and if so, what was it?

Trevor : No one in O-Town has ever met Christina, and we've never sung a song with Justin Timberlake. We'd like to sing one with Christina though, that would be cool!!

DishDiva : Wondergrl07 Asks: So what do u like 2 do in your own time ?

Trevor :When we have spare spare time, play sports or go to the beach, golf basketball, or head down to the beach, that's always good time. Or sit down with Ashley or Jacob or someone and write a song.

DishDiva : stxgirl21 Asks: What is the weirdest/sweetest thing a fan has done to meet you? Luv ya Kate

Trevor : People have driven for like 8 or 9 hours or stayed outside a Planet Hollywood and stay overnight. I think those are the weird ones where people stay overnight. But I think that's awesome! People that sit out there just to see us walk by, I think that's really sweet.

DishDiva : tara tre says: I want to know what you smell like. What kind of cologne do you wear?

Trevor : I smell good girl!! I wear a cologne called Versace Dreamer or one called Chrome.

DishDiva : Trevor, you do smell delicious!

DishDiva : :)

DishDiva : Guest_otowns_fan_4_life Asks: What was the hardest habbit you had to break to be in the band??? thanx.. Leanne..... you LOTS!

Trevor : I think it would be adding extra steps in dancing. Because I would add little steps and we were all supposed to be the same. Either that or holding the mic wrong.

DishDiva : MelanieandTrevor says: If you won a Grammy, who would you thank in the acceptance speech?

Trevor : I think God because all good things aren't possible without him. I would thank my family and all my many many friends just for their confidence and support in the past. I would thank Lou and the whole transCon team and the record company Clive Davis. Also who wrote the song, and my inspirations everyone from Micheal Jackson to Will Smith, Boyz II Men. I would be up there a long time (laugh!!).

DishDiva : CABabe says: Trevor, what are your pet peeves?? love you! ~mary

Trevor :I don't really have a pet peeve, but irresponsibility is a pet peeve of mine.

DishDiva : Trevor, by the way I have hundreds if kisses here for you!

DishDiva : From the audience of course!

Trevor : I love you back!!!

DishDiva : trevorsgurl123 says: Do you have any phobias? (things that your afraid of)

Trevor : I have a little case of arachnophobia. I know I can eventually kill it but the initial contact where I see it I kind of jump and get a little scared.

DishDiva : So, do you safely put the spider outside or do you flush it?

Trevor : It depends, most of the time, I guess it depends how close I am to a door, if I'm close I'll put it on a paper town and throw it outside, but if it's in my room... I will squish it!!

DishDiva : HotAndCute Asks: HI Trevor.. LOVE YOU.. anyways.. on one of your radio tours here in L.A., you said you like girls's toes.. is that true?

Trevor : What happened was we were on JoJo on KISS FM and he has a toe feddish and I was saying he had a toe feddish and I wore sandles so he could see my toes (laugh).

DishDiva : Sw33tie Asks: Why is it that only Ashley gets shower scenes?

Trevor :Because Ashley had the shower where they could film in. I had more of a regular shower where if they wanted to film me they would have to open the whole shower and get the full me, and that wasn't going to happen. I'd like a shower shot though!! That might up my heart-throb status! (laugh)

DishDiva : maggie10 says: Is your nickname still Midol?

Trevor : (laugh!) Yeah, my nickname will always be Midol according to my fraternity. My nickname sticks with me forever!

DishDiva : ElectricIce Asks: Trevor, how does it feel to have everyone know so much about your life?

Trevor :I actually like it because I think it gives the fans to get to know us more. They feel they are really our friends, they don't just see us on covers, they get to like us as people. If someone doesn't like a certain member of a group they say dadada... but they can't say that about us because they get to know us on the show and it makes it personal.

DishDiva : Fei338 Asks: Trevor, Do any of you guys ever watch your own show on ABCd LUV. Phylicia

Trevor : 2 or 3 days before it airs we get a copy so we know what to expect before the world sees it. We all get together and watch it a few times, like I said tomorrow's show I watched this morning.

DishDiva : Trevor last question tonight is from KClovesTrevor who says: What one item do you take with you on the road to keep from being homesick?

Trevor :I don't really have an item... I definitely bring pictures from home. And I like bring my fraternity letters, just as a reminder, and a cell phone so I can call home.

DishDiva :
Trevor, thanks for joining us tonight. You are just wonderful and you smell great too!

Trevor : I just want to say thanks for letting everyone know I smell good. Thank you all for coming and being fans. I hope we live up to what you expect of us. We hope to meet all of you at a tour, radio station, wherever. We really appreciate it!

Trevor :DishDiva smells really good too! And she's D*mn fine!!

DishDiva : :)

DishDiva : Thanks for joining us tonight. We have been talking with O-Town's Trevor, who is pretty fabulous, isn't he? DishDiva : Thanks to O-Town and to ABC for tonight's event.