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O-Town ::Planet Hollywood Chat::

MODERATOR: You've lived these boys’ dreams. Worried with them through their auditions. Agonized over their rehearsals. Traveled with them. Thanks to the TV show "Making the Band," you've watched every move. is proud to introduce five talented young musicians: Erik, Trevor, Dan, Ashley, and Jacob...or as you might know them, OTown!!

OTown_Ashley: What's up everybody!! Thanks for coming to chat with us!

Alwaysabsbsweetie asks: Hey Ashley!! I was wondering, what is your favorite song to sing live and why? Love ya! Dana

OTown_Ashley: I think that would have to be…that’s tough! I'd have to say, "Take Me Under," which you may have heard. But it's new! People are like WOW, we've never heard this before!!

Stephy asks: Are any of those awesome songs that you recorded in Germany going to be in the Album? I loved them!

OTown_Ashley: Thank you very much! We like them a lot too. We hope they will be on the album. We're in the process of choosing what songs will be on the album now and we're submitting the songs we've written to Clive Davis, the president of J records.


OTown_Ashley: We hope so!! We really like that song! Clive seems to like it, so hopefully it will make it on.

Ashleys_Sweetie asks: Hey Ashley! I LUV U!! Are you guys gonna have another season of "Making The Band"?

OTown_Ashley: Yes!!!!!!! I love you too!! We're really excited because the second season will be us recording the album and us going on tour, that way you can see what life is like on the road!

ashleys_angel_3 asks: When will the new season air? I hope u guys liked the heart cookies w/your names on them I gave u in Detroit. Luv ya Ashley. TARA

OTown_Ashley: I'm not exactly sure, but it should be maybe late fall, early spring... I'm not sure though.


OTown_Ashley: I don't know if we're going to Ft. Myers or not. I hope so! I don't know if anything is scheduled. I do know that when they do schedule something we will be going to two places in Florida.

sigh asks: Yo whassup Ashley? What's the toughest thing you've had to deal with so far, being in O-Town? Cy in San Diego

OTown_Ashley: I think just being away from home so much.

PIXIESTIX696 asks: Ashley, who are you closest with in the group? I love you! :):)

OTown_Ashley: We're all pretty close. We're equally bonded to one another...

otownsgurl asks: hey Ashley!! How do you fell about being a role model?? To people like me and other fans?? Love ya always!!!

OTown_Ashley: I love it!! I couldn't imagine that 9 months ago I’d be doing this!! The fans are what keep us going. When we're tired of traveling, we get to places like Planet Hollywood and there are so many fans out there for signings and that is what makes it all worth it.

frack2820 asks: ASHLEY: I REALLY ADMIRE YOU! Who do you look up to? LOVE YA! HEATHER

OTown_Ashley: I look up to a lot of different people. Musically, Michael Jackson in particular. He was the first person I idolized. I also really look up to my mom who is an incredible person.

eriks_babie_gurl asks: Ashley, what is your major inspiration?

OTown_Ashley: What inspires me is the Arts, like music, acting, film because it's all so make-believe. It's magical. It makes your feelings so intense that you never forget those experiences! That what I like about it!!

Ashleys_Princess99 says: ASHLEY, will u marry me? I love you!!!!!

Jacobsgrl says: Ashley, you are so hot I love u

BlondeBommer821 says: i love u Ashley!!!!!!!

OTown_Ashley: I love you guys!! Thank you so much for supporting us so early on in our careers!!! It means so much!! Ok, it’s Dan’s turn now...

OTown_Dan: What's up everybody!

soozie_angel14 asks: DAN HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! I LLOVVEE YOU!

OTown_Dan: Thank you! We love you too.

jacob_n_ashleys_gals asks: Dan- how old are you?

OTown_Dan: I will be 20 on September 4.

bluebell43 asks: What were your friend’s reactions when you told them you made the band?

OTown_Dan: In the beginning I couldn't really tell all my friends, because it was top secret since I was going to be on the show later than everyone else. For a while they were in disbelief that I was going to be on the show, but they were very proud.

Diegochica asks: Dan how does it feel to be apart of the band now???

OTown_Dan: It feels great! I get to be a part of something that has the possibility of being very big. And I get to do what I love every day, so I am severely blessed.

Charli_N_Ayeley asks: Dan, how was it just getting up and leaving home to be in this band?

OTown_Dan: That was probably the toughest part. Literally one day I was there and the next day I was gone. And I didn't have enough time to say the proper goodbyes to a lot of people, so it was tough.

kellyk14 asks: Dan, Did the cameras ever bother you during this experience?

OTown_Dan: I don't think they bothered me...but it causes a little awkward feeling in the beginning. For the first couple of weeks, you're looking over your shoulder to see if the camera is there or not.

Lauren asks: Hey Dan, since you were the new guy, did you have any troubles fitting in with the rest of the guys?? Who did you "click" with the most right away?? We love you and you’re HOT!! Luv Lauren & Lisa

OTown_Dan: Thank you! In the beginning...I think I got along with everybody. Everyone was very supportive, always there for me, besides the occasional giving me a hard time just to give me a hard time. I think the person I clicked with right away was Trevor.

Heather4Otown asks: Dan, have you started taping the second season of "Making The Band" yet?

OTown_Dan: No, not yet...the camera crew was supposed to be here yesterday, but something happened and they didn't show up. But the taping should begin some time in the week...

o_townfan10 asks: Dan, who do you consider your greatest inspiration?

OTown_Dan: Musically, Michael Jackson. But in everyday life, probably my parents.

Stephy asks: Dan, so far has any fan done anything crazy to get your attention. I LOVE YOU!!!

OTown_Dan: A fan gave us a hamster in a cage in Toronto. He just ran up with a hamster!!

otownisadorable asks:
Dan, I love your Christian example on the show, praying etc. What keeps you so grounded?

OTown_Dan: Each know, none of us want to go back to our hometown or our friends and have them say we changed. So if anyone gets bigheaded, we let them know!

Ashleys_Sweetie asks: Dan, if you were not in the music business, what would you be doing??

OTown_Dan: Trying to get into the music business! Not necessarily as a singer, but in some respect. Thank you everybody for the support! And we're looking forward to seeing you on the road! Look out for the second season! Ok... it’s Jacob’s turn now.

dana says: love you so much you guys are such an inspiration

babyblueg01 says: Dan, I LOVE YOU!

frack2820 says: I LOVE YOU DAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saraz says: Jacob, I LOVE YOU!!!!

OTown_Jacob: Hi everybody!

Heather4Otown asks: Jacob, how was your experience taping an episode of All My Children?

OTown_Jacob: It was weird...I never watched soap operas growing up. I didn't know what it was going to look like.

LissaLovesOtownAug27 asks:
Jacob you looked so cute on Sunday how was it to perform live?

OTown_Jacob: It was awesome to be able to perform in front of our hometown crowd.

Otown_fan85 asks:
Hey Jacob, I love the music you write. But my question is what is your favorite part about being on tour?

OTown_Jacob: Performing, the stage is my favorite place in the world...besides the recording studio.

O_TownGirl4ever19 asks: Jacob I really love the song you and Ashley wrote! Are there any other songs written by you???

OTown_Jacob: Yes, I write everyday. I have plenty of stuff to choose from.

MiamiGirls asks: Will any of the songs you wrote be on the album?

OTown_Jacob: We're trying to get them on, but it's hard. It's hard to say now.

otownisadorable asks: Jacob, I love how you express your mind! Keep it up! Do you feel that you have become the leader of the group?

OTown_Jacob: If I am the leader, it's by example, but there is no proclaimed leader in this group.

OtownRules asks: Jacob who influenced you over the years to become an artist?

OTown_Jacob: Michael Jackson. I've been watching and studying him since I was 5 years old.


OTown_Jacob: Yes. I have a home studio that I’m working on... I hope to someday produce my own music and some for other people

AshleyRulz asks: what do u do in your spare time?

OTown_Jacob: I work on playing different instruments and writing music…and sleep!


OTown_Jacob: It’s something I drew about 2 years ago... it's Hebrew and it stands for Jesus Christ, Son of God, and Savior. It symbolizes my beliefs.

ILoveEriksMuscles asks: HI JACOB! If you were stranded on a desert Island what three things would u bring? I LOVE YA!

OTown_Jacob: My guitar, my writing book, and my Bible. Thanks, everyone, for logging on tonight! Bye! Erik is up next...

Diegochica says: stay strong...

frack2820 says: I LOVE YOU JACOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WILL YOU MARRY ME? HEATHER

bsbandotown says: Jacob you rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


PIXIESTIX696 says: I LOVE YOU JACOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jacob_n_ashleys_gals says: JACOB KISS ME! LOVE YOU JACOB!

OTown_Erik: Thank you all for coming!! And yes my throat is better!


OTown_Erik: Around 3.


OTown_Erik: Yeah, considering I had a throat infection and my primary job is to sing... it was extremely difficult!

elektra2882 asks:
ERIK, what did you think about all the craziness at Planet Hollywood on Sunday? Does it feel good to get so much acceptance here in Orlando?

OTown_Erik: It felt incredibly GOOD!! We had just gotten off a plane and we were really tired. The first place we stopped was Planet Hollywood. It was a nice welcome home!!

Lemeus19 asks: Hey Erik! I saw you on Saturday in PA and you guys were amazing! I was wondering who you would like to go on tour with if you had the opportunity?? You can answer for yourself or for the group as a whole. LOVE YA!! Melissa

OTown_Erik: The ideal person would be Michael Jackson.

Barbs asks: Erik who do you idolize?

OTown_Erik: I don't idolize anybody, but I respect many different artists like Michael Jackson, Boyz II Men, Take 6 and Aerosmith.

Otown_fan85 asks: Erik I love your voice, but anyways my question is what artist would you like to do a duet with in the future?

OTown_Erik: Uh..... hmmm.... I think Mariah or Christina, but hopefully BOTH!

machel131 asks: Erik, are you planning to perform at any upcoming awards shows?

OTown_Erik: No, but we will be attending the VMAs, but we're not going to perform.

ILoveEriksMuscles asks: Erik, what is the hardest part about being in OTown? I LOVE YOU!

OTown_Erik: I love you too, and the hardest part would be... waiting to finish the album and getting out music out there!

anne asks: Erik, have you guys played any pranks on each other lately? Explain.

OTown_Erik: We don't play a lot of pranks on each other in this group. Honestly, we really don’t have the time.

Heather4Otown asks: Hey Erik! Are you guys living together again to shoot the second season?

OTown_Erik: We currently live with each other still, but the second season will cover more of the touring aspect of out lives.

Stephy asks: Erik, if you weren't in O-town right now, where do you think you would be?

OTown_Erik: LOL... I would be trying to form a group like O-Town!!!

o_townfan10 asks: Who do you consider the most important person in your life?

Jesus Christ... and my mother.

alwaysabsbsweetie asks: Erik, do you guys still get yelled a lot? lol I think it makes you guys stronger!

OTown_Erik: There is not a lot of yelling going on anymore. We know what our job requires and we do it.

ashleys_angel asks: erik, what does it feel like to be a role model and what does it feel like when people tell you that you are hot? I LOVE YOU AND YOR ARE HOT!! Leah from Canada

OTown_Erik: Not a lot of people tell me I'm hot! Thank you VERY much. It's so much more responsibility than anyone can imagine!

cornflash88 asks: What are some of your upcoming appearances?

OTown_Erik: All my Children on Sept 18 and Ashley and I judge Say What Karaoke Sept 15. And look for us in the audience at the VMA's on Sept 7th and look for some special appearances on my birthday on Sept 23rd.

OTown_Erik: Sorry, I had to be so brief! I enjoy every time I get to chat with you guys!! I hope we get the music out there as soon as possible!!! See you guys!! Now, it’s time for Trevor!!

Skye_Tracer says: LOVE YOU!!!!

Sherry says: I LUV YOU ERIK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Skye_Tracer says: BYE LOVE YOU!

KatharineandJenna says: WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

OTown_Trevor: Hello to everyone! Thank you for joining tonight! Let's get to the questions!

AngelBear asks: Trevor What’s The Hardest Thing About Being In The Band?

OTown_Trevor: The hardest thing would have to be lack of time with family and friends back at home. We don't get to go home too much... phone calls get a little old after a while.

MyAshley asks: Hey Trevor, what do you think of all the other boy bands? And does it bother you when people compare you to them? Love you Trevor! :)

OTown_Trevor: I give respect to all the boybands... Backstreet and 'NSync paved the way for everyone else to come in and do their stuff. I respect their music and I respect them as people. I take it as a compliment when people compare us to them, because they are worldwide stars... and we are nobody.

TrevorsBatGurl asks: In what way do you feel you have changed the most since MTB started?

OTown_Trevor: My singing has improved greatly.

lilwahoo14 asks: Trevor, Are you excited to open for Boyz II Men in your hometown?

OTown_Trevor: WOW!! That will probably be the greatest night EVER! I couldn't be more excited!

PrinceesLaura72181 asks: Trevor How did you like being on TRL?

OTown_Trevor: That was awesome...I've dreamed of being on TRL since it started. For me to even think I would be on that show was amazing. Carson was great. It was great to look down at all the people. It was a dream come true!

OTown_Girly asks: Trevor what’s the best part about being a member of O-Town??

OTown_Trevor: The best part is definitely being on stage, performing for our fans. The fans we love so dearly!

Aria asks: what was your role on ALL my children?

OTown_Trevor: We were OTown...guest stars, singing at a party. They needed a group to come and be on the show to sing...Erica Kane was having a party...and she wanted to get an upcoming group, and they chose us.

Heather4Otown asks: Trevor, can you give us any hints on your first single? Luv ya!

OTown_Trevor: Look for it on the radio the first or second week of October. It's hot! Request it! And we should hopefully have a video in November, maybe the last week of October.

ashleys_angel_3 asks: Trevor, what’s your favorite CD out right now? U were such a sweetie when I met u guys in Detroit at the airport. Luv ya. TARA

OTown_Trevor: The Wyclef Jean CD.

bluebell43 asks: Who is your favorite performer?

OTown_Trevor: Michael Jackson. He would have to take the cake. When he is on the stage, he is the MAN. You can't put more energy in the man. He is just Mr. Performer!

Courtney asks: Do you ever get nervous on stage?

OTown_Trevor: I don't get nervous...I get very anxious. I get butterflies in my stomach because I'm anxious...I can't wait!

CDNmo asks: who or what do you guys use to keep yourselves grounded... so all this fame doesn't become too overwhelming??

OTown_Trevor: We keep each other grounded. If we see anyone getting out of line, we pretty much tell them to tone it down. Our family and friends don't treat us any differently. I'll be the first to go home and get made fun of for just for being me... Pretty much our friends, family and each other keep us grounded.

Abercrombiegrl220 asks: Trevor!! I love you guys!! Do you have any advice for anyone who wants to pursue the music career??

OTown_Trevor: I would have to say to never ever give up on your dreams because one day it could all just happen. Go to every audition you can, go to as many places as you can, because you never know who will be there. Never give up!

MODERATOR: Unfortunately, the fellas of OTown have to get back to the studio now. Thank you for taking the time out of your schedule to chat with all of us at!! We enjoyed you being here!

OTown_Trevor: Thank you! Thank you for being in the room and talking to OTown. Thank you for being a fan! And we hope we can live up to everything you want us to.

Jacobsgrl: LOVE YOU BABY

The_Sweetest_Girl: Hey I love you Trevor!!

Sherry: I LUV YOU TREVOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IluvOTown4E: we looooooove you sooooo much!!!!!!!!!

Courtney: Bye o-town. We love you

Lindsay: Bye Trevor!! Love You!!!

Desiree: You guys all rule!


Luvs2LuvAshley: U guyz rock!!! I love Ashley!! :)

MODERATOR: Goodnight everyone and thanks for participating in our chat with OTown! Check to find out when we’ll feature more awesome chats! Until then, we’ll see you in the movies