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Jacob ::MSN Chat::

Guest_O-Town-Jacob : Hello How are you all doing?

DishDiva : Jacob, welcome to MSN Live! Thanks for inviting us into the studio during your rehearsal.

DishDiva : Let's get started with the audience questions!

DishDiva : TorontoOtownGirl Asks: What has been the hardest part of being on the road for you?

Guest_O-Town-Jacob : Doing laundry, hehe. I like the road alot it's just doing laundry.

DishDiva : jacobs_girl Asks: Hi Jacob!! I love you so much! My question is: who do you get along with best in the group? Thanks! -Denise

Guest_O-Town-Jacob : I've known Trevor the longest so we have the most rapport but all of us get along like brothers.

DishDiva : AshleyLOL Asks: Hey Jacob! What kind of tatoo do you have and what does it symbolize? I love you Jacob!

Guest_O-Town-Jacob : Jesus Christ Son of God Savior. It is Hebrew

DishDiva : o-town_ice says: How hard was it to learn all the dances and become part of a group?

Guest_O-Town-Jacob :
I think the work to me is the best part. I'm actually doing it right now =)

DishDiva : jenbec Asks: Hiya Jacob! :p What do you enjoy most from being in O-Town? Love ya lots! Jen

Guest_O-Town-Jacob : Hi Jen My dream was always to be in music It's really fun to start your career with a bunch of friends to share it with

DishDiva : We are in the studio with O-Town's Jacob as he and the rest fo the group practice their moves.

DishDiva : O_Town_Gurl Asks: Hi, What is the craziest thing a fan has ever done for you? Love You

Guest_O-Town-Jacob : Hi O'Town Girl a girl in Toronto had a hamster for us to throw out and that caught our attention this big hamster cage !

DishDiva : Do you still have the hamster?

Guest_O-Town-Jacob : No we were in Canada so we couldnt bring it across the border so we gave it to the radio station

DishDiva : That was amazing. She really wanted you to have that hamster. I can't believe she floated that hamster in a cage through the audience to you!

DishDiva : sweetiedw1025 Asks: My question is what do you do in your free time?

Guest_O-Town-Jacob : Hi Sweet GW ..If I'm not home visiting friends I'm at home writing music the majority of the time

DishDiva : metaz23 Asks: Do you guys get to go home much? Are most of you still able to wander about at home and be safe?

Guest_O-Town-Jacob : I actually haven't been home in about two and a half months so I have no idea. We've only been in Orlando for about a day so I dont know.

DishDiva : Do you miss San Diego?

Guest_O-Town-Jacob : yes VERY MUCH!

DishDiva : Lyss213 asks: Jacob, what is your favorite song you sing?

Guest_O-Town-Jacob : I guess the one we're choreographing right now called Take Me Under

DishDiva : J_Bug15 Asks: Hey Jacob, Do you or any of the other guys ever watch "Making the Band" Love, Julie

Guest_O-Town-Jacob : yes they send us the tape a couple days beforehand so we get to see it before we see ourselves on national television

DishDiva : coolgirl326 says: Do you like to travel?

Guest_O-Town-Jacob : Yes I love's a perfect job for me :)

DishDiva : Rainbow_Sprinkles_17 Asks: Jacob, when are we going to meet Dan (on Making the Band)? What is he like?

Guest_O-Town-Jacob : Tonite we call him and next week you see him on the show .. He is a perfect addition to the family

DishDiva : Guest_Abby98 Asks: Is there some parts on the show "Making the Band" that you wish wasn't on there for the public?

Guest_O-Town-Jacob : Hi Abby.. no not really, all of it is just us, so we just take it

DishDiva : snowbunnie004 Asks: hey hun, were you shocked when ikaika quit or did ya expect it?

Guest_O-Town-Jacob : Hi snowbunny :) ... I really have no feeling on it I thought he would from the beginning so when he did it wasn't a shock.

DishDiva : foxfire_111 Asks: First I just wanna say I love you Jacob!! My question is After all you have been through, do you have any regrets? Luv Ya!! -Chloe

Guest_O-Town-Jacob : I love you too Chloe. No, I'd have to say I have no regrets. I only wish we'd known each other longer

DishDiva : OtoWnLuVeR4EvA Asks: when do you guys expect to kick off a tour?

Guest_O-Town-Jacob : We have no tour dates ready and we're in the middle of recording our album right now. We're going to do the UM Mall Tour six cities, but I'm not sure which yet.

DishDiva : zoukes Asks: what kind of sports do you play? i love u!!

Guest_O-Town-Jacob : I've wrestled, baseball, soccer, water polo, basketball, skated, surfed. No my childhood was spent doing NO sports whatsoever hehe. I love sports.

DishDiva : lindy_12 Asks: When do think your album will be out?

Guest_O-Town-Jacob : We're hoping it will be out by the end of December

DishDiva : BasketballChickBritt4 Asks: Hey Jacob I love You! I thin you have a really great voice and I was just wondering if you ever have time to be with your friends?

Guest_O-Town-Jacob : Hey Basketball Chic :) We just had 4 days off and I went to Lake Tahoe in Vegas with some of my best friends from home

DishDiva : Thanks for all your GREAT questions!! We have thousands of questions!! We hope we can answer yours! We are LIVE in the studio with Jacob and his fellow band mates as they rehearse their new moves! Thanks for being here with us!

DishDiva : Kelly823 says: he y Jacob, did you guys write most of the songs that are going to be on the album yourselves? Love, Kelly

Guest_O-Town-Jacob : Hi Kelly .. No we've been so rushed that we havent had time to write most of the songs but we do have a couple

DishDiva : KarynV says: How will you make yourselves stand out against the other boy bands?

Guest_O-Town-Jacob : Well we do have a couple songs of our own written on our first album and we get that question all the time and all I can say is Wait and See. Wait til we come out and you 'll be able to tell.

DishDiva : erigirl15 Asks: I've noticed that you seem to wear the same necklace alot . Is it just a favorite or does it have some special meaning ? Love ya -Erika

Guest_O-Town-Jacob : The cross is something that my brother and sister gave me before I left. It's to remind me that God is the reason I'm here and the gifts are from Him

DishDiva : pop_gurl Asks: Hey Jacob, Was it fun workin on the pokemon the one album? luv ya

Guest_O-Town-Jacob : Yeah it was actually a nice surprise they asked us a couple days before we got the song so it was a nice surprise

DishDiva : _Panda_Bear_ Asks: Hey Jacob! Who would you like to go on tour with?

Guest_O-Town-Jacob : My inspiration since I was five was Michael Jackson. That would be a dream come true.

DishDiva : Cutie_CheerGirl Asks: I love you Jacob! You have terriffic talent! What would you be doing if you wernt in the singing business? Luv ya LOTS!

Guest_O-Town-Jacob : I was actually right out of high school starting slowly. I was in a band and I was in a christian group on the West Coast so I've been slowly getting into it since high school

DishDiva : Jacob_Is_A_Cutie says: Hey Jacob!!! I was wondering, if a fan gave you a gift what would be the best thing they could give you??LOVE ALWAYS, Ashley

Guest_O-Town-Jacob : Hi Ashley , I have no idea . I dont expect anything so I wouldnt know what to tell you

DishDiva : GidgetOO Asks: do you miss the life you had before you joined this band?

Guest_O-Town-Jacob : Not really. This is the life I'm been aspiring to have since I was five years old so this work makes me happy.

DishDiva : All_For_O_Towns_Love Asks: Hey Jacob!!! What instrument did u play in ur band in highschool, or did u do vocals??? Thanks, luv ya, Jessica

Guest_O-Town-Jacob :
Growing up I played Saxaphone, Piano, Clarinet,Guitar, Bass, and I'm wanting to learn the violin now

DishDiva : iluvotown1 Asks: Hi Jacob!! Where do you see yourself 10 years from now? ~Shaunie

Guest_O-Town-Jacob : that's too far in the future to say

DishDiva : sweetywi4 says: Hey Jacob!! Why did you dye your hair red? Any special reason? hugs and kisses, Sarah

Guest_O-Town-Jacob : Hi Sarah before I did this I used to dye my hair once a month so I guess it was just a way of proving that I wouldnt change just being who I am.

DishDiva : Brutal_Honey_Presto Asks: Hey Jacob, when is your birthday?~?

Guest_O-Town-Jacob : April 25, 1980

DishDiva : Ashleyz_Angel_4ever Asks: Jacob, I always watch MTB and I was wondering why do they blur out your shirts sometimes? I luv U

Guest_O-Town-Jacob : Not allowed to wear logos

DishDiva : coolbeans says: Is there anything in school that you prepared you for the path you are now on?

Guest_O-Town-Jacob : Well I did it for myself by learning the instruments and taking vocal classes. I started in the seventh grade

DishDiva : erigirl15 Asks: Why did you paint your nails for the Regis and Kathi Lee performance ? Any particular reason ?

Guest_O-Town-Jacob : I've been doing it for over a year it was when I started playing the guitar and I liked it and it was another way of proving that I could do this and not change who I am.

DishDiva : DumBlond84 Asks: You are an extremely talented person as well as the rest of the band and its great you are close to God! Do you guys have any crazy rules to live by in the house?

Guest_O-Town-Jacob :
Not really. We dont set rules for each other in the house..we should.

DishDiva : JenniferLoveH Asks: what do u think o-town's first single is going to be? Love ur #1 fan Dorothy

Guest_O-Town-Jacob : Not yet we're recording all of our songs right now and we'll decide as soon as we get them all done

DishDiva : GeMeLaS01 Asks: What do you miss about home when u are in FL? Erin in CT

Guest_O-Town-Jacob : Just family, friends, and the beach

DishDiva : maggs says: Do you all have email addresses where we can write you?

Guest_O-Town-Jacob : No not all of us..I dont

DishDiva : gurl_from_jupiter Asks: Hey Jacob!!! I was wondering what are you afraid of? like heights, dark? What? p.s. love you so much!

Guest_O-Town-Jacob : Failure

DishDiva : bsb_gal Asks: Jacob, do u have any crazy nick names?

Guest_O-Town-Jacob : Not really .. nope

DishDiva : O_Town_fanatic Asks: Describe your personality in one word.

Guest_O-Town-Jacob : DRIVEN. Actually everybody calls me a perfectionist but....

DishDiva : lisette9 Asks: Do you like having your life videotaped?

Guest_O-Town-Jacob : As long as people are getting out of it what we put in the work and the dedication to this..and the love.

DishDiva : canadababe50 says: What's the new O-Town album going to be called? love Always, Chelsey + Liz

Guest_O-Town-Jacob :We dont know yet

DishDiva : Jacob, thanks for having us in your studio tonight. I know you guys need to get back to rehearsal. Best of luck with Making the Band. Will you come back again?

Guest_O-Town-Jacob : Thank you.. Yes of course

Guest_O-Town-Jacob : Thanks for joining me in rehearsal and I hope to talk to you and see you again soon

DishDiva : Thanks for joining us on MSN Live tonight!