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Erik ::MSN Chat::

DishDiva : Hey everybody!

DishDiva : Tonight we are happy to bring O-Town's Erik-Michael Estrada to MSN Live! Erik, welcome to MSN Live!

Guest_OTown-Erik : Sorry for yesterday everyone but I was stuck.

DishDiva : Well it's great to have you here today.

DishDiva : We have lots of questions for you, Erik, so let's get started!

Guest_OTown-Erik : It flatters me that this many people would come online to talk. It's good to know I have some friends out there.

DishDiva : Tonight MSN Live presents "Making the Band's" Erik-Michael Estrada.

DishDiva : Well, Erik, this question seems to be asked a lot tonight. so cookieling says: Hi Erik! Do all of you guys from O-Town get along?

Guest_OTown-Erik : Yes. All the guys from O-Town, including myself, get along incredibly well. We're so different in so many ways and we're so alike in so many ways too.

Guest_OTown-Erik : Especially Ashley and I.

DishDiva : ashleychow Asks:
What is the greatest obstacle you have had to overcome after making the final five?

Guest_OTown-Erik : Working on the short time frame that we were given to perform was the hardest group wise. Personal wise the biggest would have to be getting myself to perform to my highest capabilities.

DishDiva : forever_ash_angel Asks: How much fan mail do you get? Who gets the most?

Guest_OTown-Erik : I get a lot. We all get a lot. I think me and Trevor get a lot. Then Jacob. Then Ashley.

DishDiva : PlumpCriminal Asks: What pop artist do you look up to?

Guest_OTown-Erik : PC, I don't really look up to pop artists in general. I respect their work. I think if you would ask me who I respect the most, I would have to say Michaal Jackson, Boys II Men and Mariah Carey.

DishDiva : O_Town_Fan Asks: Has there ever been a time when one of the boys did something really embarassing,but the cameras didn't catch it?

Guest_OTown-Erik : (laughs) No, because we don't get embarassed. Nothing ever happened that was really embarssing. It takes a lot for us to get embarassed.

DishDiva : gurl_from_jupiter Asks: If you had to choose to go on a date with Christina Aguilera or Britney Spears who would you choose?

Guest_OTown-Erik : (laughs) I don't know about a date but if I had to choose artist, I would go with Christina on the fact that her voice is amazing.

DishDiva : TimberlakeGirl Asks: What were you planning on doing with your life before you were chosen for the band?

Guest_OTown-Erik : TG, I was a music ed major with a minor in English Literature.

DishDiva : Favorite piece of Literature?

Guest_OTown-Erik : I don't have one. I have many. The most influential book is The Bible and also the "Celestine Prophecy."

DishDiva : Guest_exoticjade Asks: What was the last movie you saw?

Guest_OTown-Erik : Last movie I saw or last movie I claim I saw? (laughs)

DishDiva : Last movie you saw?

Guest_OTown-Erik : I saw "Coyote Ugly." Not too happy.

Guest_OTown-Erik : Last movie I want to claim I saw?

Guest_OTown-Erik : X men.

DishDiva : pattycake says: What is the craziest stunt a girl has pulled to meet you guys?

Guest_OTown-Erik : pattycake, they got the name of our road manager and at four different cities she checked into our hotel looking for our road manager.

DishDiva : eRiKs_gUrL Asks: Hey Erik! if you could go out on a date with anyone who would it be and why?

Guest_OTown-Erik : I am most intrigued with Tori Amos. Because I would love to now her.

DishDiva : PrincessNiki1 Asks: Do you like going online? If so do you have a email address where fans could write you?

Guest_OTown-Erik : I love going online and I don't have an email address but there will be an email address once our site goes public we will all have a separate screen name and separate rooms where we talk with our fans.

DishDiva : OTOWNSaNGEL Asks: Do you have fans that go up to your house and pick the grass yet?

Guest_OTown-Erik : I don't have a lawn. (laughs) I live in a gated community too.

Guest_OTown-Erik : There are fans who have attempted to climb the walls of this place and they have failed in vain.

DishDiva : MrsErikMichaelEstrada Asks: Why do u consider yourself "Nuyorican"?

Guest_OTown-Erik : Because I am from New York born and raised and I am happen to be Puerto Rican.

Guest_OTown-Erik : That is the name we have labeled ourselves- the few, the proud, the Nuyoricans.

DishDiva : Esther05 Asks: How has this affected his Private LIFE?

Guest_OTown-Erik : If I knew what private life meant, I could answer that. I don't have a private life anymore and that is fine because I love people.


Guest_OTown-Erik : I used to have a dog but I don't anymore. because I can't have one. I you too and I have seen you online. Thank you so much for all your support.

DishDiva : Guest_otown_fan_4_life Asks: Whose the hyper one in the group? I know I am always hyper! i LOVE you so much Erik!

Guest_OTown-Erik : You are talking to him! (laughs)

Guest_OTown-Erik : Trevor and Ashley are close behind!

DishDiva : Leslie Asks: Who is the shyest in the group?

Guest_OTown-Erik : Dan definitely is the shyest.

DishDiva : Eriks_gurl Asks: What is your fave food?

Guest_OTown-Erik : Italian.

DishDiva : ERIKA_18 Asks: Hi Erik, my name is Erika, who is the most romantic in the group?

Guest_OTown-Erik : Ashley then myself.

DishDiva : OTownChic5 Asks: Hey Erik! When do you plan on having an Official Book out? I love you!!!

Guest_OTown-Erik : I don't know about an official book on me, but there is one coming out the latter part of this year.

DishDiva : otowngurl77 Asks: What is the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for you?

Guest_OTown-Erik : Flown from Canada just to see me.

DishDiva : exoticjade Asks: If you could be a superhero what would your super power be and would woule you call yourself?? love ya Jade

Guest_OTown-Erik : That is a good question because I love comic books and superheroes! More comic book questions! I think I would have two abilities. Advanced healing power like wolverine and I would be able to run really fast like the flash. I would keep the Flash's costume and call myself Logan because that is Flash's real name and also my nickname.

DishDiva : cutie7811 Asks: Hey Erik!!! What is your favorite O*TOWN song and why? Luv ya!!

Guest_OTown-Erik : So far it is "One Heart" but that is definitely going to change once the album comes out.

Guest_OTown-Erik : The album does not have a name yet but we are taking suggestions.

DishDiva : otown_fan_4_life Asks: What cartoon do you still watch?? Com'on fess up! I LOVE YOU!

Guest_OTown-Erik : I don't have to fess up. Whenever I have a chance I watch as many cartoons as possible. First and foremost it's The Simpsons." Then "Thundercats."

Guest_OTown-Erik : And I love when I get a chance to see "Duck Tales."

DishDiva : heatherluvserik says: Do you love going to Disney World and what is your favorite ride?

Guest_OTown-Erik : I love going to Disney World. I am going soon. My favorite in order is Downtown Disney then MGM. Then Epcot, then Magic Kingdom. I love the Tower of Terror.

DishDiva : That is one scary ride. How many drops do they do in one ride now?

Guest_OTown-Erik : It was one and now it is three drops I think.

DishDiva : Our last question tonight is from Hot_n_SpicyOTownluvr who says: If you could tell all your fans something what would it be?

Guest_OTown-Erik : There are so many things I want to tell you. I wish I could talk with every single one of you because you know so much about my personal life. You have this relationship with me and I honestly woul dlove to have that same relationship with each and every one of you but circumstances be it as they may would not allow me to have the relationship I wish to have. I love you guys so much!
I will speak on behalf of the other guys and myself when I say we will do our best to put on the best show and put out the hottest album and be your favoirte group.
It was just a short while ago that we were fans too. Long live cereal and comic books!!

DishDiva : Erik, it's been great having you as our guest on MSN Live. Will you come back again?

Guest_OTown-Erik : I definitely will as long as there are people here to talk with me!
Good night!