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Ashley ::E! Online Chat::

Hey, gang. I've got Ashley here, and he's rarin' to go, so let's start chattin'!

From numberzero: Is it true O-Town's doing the All That Tour in August?
Ashley Angel: No. That was something that was discussed. We are doing a YM mall tour, where we go to the biggest Simon Malls for six weeks in August and September.

From bluestar: Who is your best friend in the band?
Ashley Angel:That's hard because I'm such good friends with all the guys. Eric and I get along really well. We have crazy senses of humor.

From Sara: What kind of music do you listen to, and who inspired you to become a singer?
Ashley Angel:Right now I listen to a lot of different stuff. Pop, hard rock, classical music. Growing up, Michael Jackson influenced me a lot. The first time I heard "Billie Jean," I couldn't believe it. He is just incredible.

From fattyacid: Who were your choices to be the five members of the band?
Ashley Angel:It was weird. The closer we got to getting the five members in the band, the more we started bonding. The only one I wasn't sure about was Ikaika. But we all just got along.

From Kate: What is the hardest thing about being in O-Town?
Ashley Angel:The hardest thing is being away from home, but I love to travel, too.

From ducky: During the filming of the show, was there anyone from the band who played up to the cameras at all--you know, not being completely real on television?
Ashley Angel:The only time any one of us would play to the cameras was when we were kidding. If nothing was going on, then we would mess around. If we were playing to the cameras you would know it.

From kly123: When will O-Town put out its first CD?
Ashley Angel:Hopefully, the album is gonna come out around Christmas. Its single will hopefully be released around September. It's something no one has heard before.

From Beth: How does it make you feel when you see Websites dedicated to you?
Ashley Angel:I am completely in awe. It's the strangest feeling. I never thought of myself that way. I just get the biggest smile on my face because I feel fortunate and blessed to be where I am. Our fans are the biggest thing. I sometimes get on the Website and chat with the other members.

From ashgirl: Through all of this, what is it that makes you stay with Shelley, even though she has given you an ultimatum?
Ashley Angel:Actually, there is a lot of stuff that has not yet been seen on the show. Things between me and Shelley have been left unresolved. There is more to be seen on the show.

From Marcia: How were you able to act normal with cameras following you even into the shower?
Ashley Angel:At first you can't, because you are not used to it. But as time goes on, you tend to adapt. You start to know the people who hold the camera, the boom guy...After two to three weeks, you just get used to it.

From kelly: What do you and the guys do during the day? How many hours do you practice stuff? I'm your biggest fan!
Ashley Angel:Thanks for being our biggest fan. A basic day: We wake up at about 6:30, and we'll go on a morning show and sing. They'll have a meet-and-greet, and we'll meet a fan. Sometimes we'll go to another radio station. The afternoons are less busy; we're usually on to another town. We're doing TRL soon and stuff like that.

From Tara: Ashley, many fans are wondering if it's really you guys who run that club on Yahoo!
Ashley Angel:I don't know of any club on Yahoo that is personally run by us. I'm the one that is checking out most of the Websites, and so far we don't have one.

From Kara_H: Is there something you cherish or hold close to your heart? If so, what is it and why?
Ashley Angel:I have to say it is my journal. I started to keep the journal when I started the show. It has quite a bit of stuff in there--pictures and things that have happened.
From Leonora: Did you listen to boy bands before you decided to be in one? If so, who?
Ashley Angel:Sure. I remember when "As Long as You Love Me" came out by BSB. I love that song and thought they'd for sure be the next New Kids on the Block. I listened to Boys II Men growing up. And the Jackson Five.

From crimsonclover: Hey, what's with all the clips of you showering on the show? You're hot!
Ashley Angel:Yeah! What is it with THAT?! It's an ongoing joke among all of us. I'm pretty sure all those shower clips are from the same two showers when they filmed me!

From rachael: Since Redding is your hometown, will O-Town ever perform there--or at least Sacramento's Arco Arena? P.S. You were great in Grease!
Ashley Angel:What's up, girl? You've gotta be a hometown girl. Thanks a lot. I miss Grease. We are going to a radio station in Sacramento in August. I'm pushing for Redding and for us to tour there.

From Steph: Ashley, on one of the episodes of Making the Band, your stepfather wasn't very supportive of your decision to do this. Has this changed at all since you actually made the band?
Ashley Angel:There is still an awkwardness between both of us, but it has gotten better. He believes strongly that the entertainment business has a lot of bad things and temptations, but we have talked more, and things have gotten better.

From brenda: What's your favorite food?
Ashley Angel:I'm a big fan of lasagna. In fact, I'm eating some right now.

From Christal: Do you have any advice for someone interested in forming a band?
Ashley Angel:You've got to be hungry. You have to want it more than anything else and be willing to sacrifice a lot. I think our show illustrates that it takes a lot of work.

From Lauren: What are you thinking of calling your band?
Ashley Angel:The official name is O-Town. We were going to be called Jetai, but Ikaika left, so we were no longer Jetai. Originally the show's name was The O-Town Project, so we started to be called that.

From pineapple_head: What is your favorite cereal?
Ashley Angel:It changes. I'll pick a favorite, and then it changes. I'm serious about cereal. Right now my favorite is Smacks.

From Carissa: If this falls through, what do you plan on doing?
Ashley Angel:We are putting so much of ourselves into this band because we strongly believe it's going to go far. But in the future, I do want to go into acting and directing, because my two loves are acting and singing.

From Jenny: What is the one thing about fame thus far that you could live without?
Ashley Angel:I would probably have to say lack of privacy.

From smackinglips: What's the deal with Dan replacing Ikaika? Why didn't they bring back Bryan or Mike? We love those guys! Have you heard from either of them since they were cut from the band? What are they up to?
Ashley Angel:Sure. We just hung out with Bryan when we were in NYC. We talk to them on a regular basis. We love those guys, too. I can't say much more, but if you watch the show, it will answer that for you.

From nsyncalwaze: Do you think your personality has changed since you became famous?
Ashley Angel:I think that as people we have changed because we have learned so much.

From nsyncalwaze: Could you tell us what kind of underwear you are wearing right now?
Ashley Angel:Calvin Klein briefs.

From patrick: You seem to keep amazingly fit. What's your diet like?
Ashley Angel:On the road, our diet isn't the greatest; we may not eat for hours. When we're rehearsing, we eat a lot of chicken and salads and fruit smoothies. And a lot of Starbucks coffee, but that tends to be a splurge.

From leejero: Is your dad very religious?
Ashley Angel:Yes, he's very religious. That was part of the reason he didn't want me to be in entertainment--because there are a lot of drugs and things like that. He kind of experienced that on a smaller scale when he was in a rock band. He didn't want me to make the mistakes he made.

From brenda: What is your favorite TV show?
Ashley Angel:Seinfeld, even though it's not on anymore. Seinfeld and The Simpsons.

Lori Asks: Why do you think Mike wasn't chosen? I thought he was a shoo-in since he was the only bass.
Ashley Angel:You know what? I don't know. I can only guess why. I can never really know the real reason, only because I was trying to make it. Trevor has a deep voice, but I don't know why those who made it did and those who didn't, didn't.

From ashleylover: Was the first concert what you expected?
Ashley Angel:Yeah, it was. Because we were in the gym, and everyone in the gym was screaming their lungs out, we couldn't hear ourselves. But we knew our energy level was going to hit the roof. It was rough, but it was still good.

From becka: At what age did you know you wanted to pursue this career? Love ya!
Ashley Angel:I love you, too. In the sixth grade I started to learn about Michael Jackson, and that is when I started buying videos. I would dance in the mirror.

From Valerie: Is being in a band what you expected it to be? And knowing what you now know, would you change anything?
Ashley Angel:I would not change anything. I don't regret anything. I regret things I haven't done. It's been the most incredible experience of my life. I'm best friends with the guys in the band now.

From pixiestix69: Do you have any tattoos?
Ashley Angel:No, I don't. I have thought of getting one, but I think that's something everyone goes through. I'm scared it'll be something I'll be stuck with for the rest of my life.

From CaraB: What makes you laugh, and where are you ticklish?
Ashley Angel:I'm very ticklish on the sides of my stomach. What makes me laugh is ridiculous humor: Saturday Night Live, Monty Python, Robin Williams, Jim Carrey...

From endlesscheez: What did you really think of the way the show freaked out over your behavior on New Year's Eve? Are they always that controlling?
Ashley Angel:I thought we should have been able to stay New Year's Eve. I didn't think we stuck out from everyone else. It was at that point that I realized we had to start making sacrifices. We had to work on New Year's Day, the first day of the millennium.

From princess_bubbles: What was one of the funniest things that happened when you guys were all in the house together?
Ashley Angel:That's hard. There are so many different funny things that happened. One time I was telling a story about some mischief I got in when I was younger. I was really getting into telling this story--although I did this when I was 16, I could still get into trouble [for it]. There were all these cameras on me, and I came to the realization that it was going to be broadcast, and they all started laughing at me. We would also pretend to be filming commercials. We would just have a blast.

From strutyerstuff: What was your initial reaction when you found out Ikaika was leaving?
Ashley Angel:I couldn't believe it. I didn't know what to say. My gut feelings had come true. It was horrible. It happened at the most crucial time--when we had to be a band of five guys.

From Janella: When you found out you were part of O-Town, what was the first thing that went through your mind?
Ashley Angel:That I actually made it! The previous weeks went through my mind, and tears came to my eyes.

From kate: Are you single? How about the other guys?

Ashley Angel:I can't say my status yet because of the show, but having a girlfriend in a long-distance relationship is difficult. You can't be the type of boyfriend you want to be. The other guys are all single.
From looloo453: Where is your favorite place in the world?

Ashley Angel:My favorite place in the world has to be St. Thomas, Virgin Islands. I lived there for a little while because my dad did hurricane reconstruction. It is definitely paradise.
From tartytangy: No question. Just wanted you to know that the gang at ShopKo misses you.
Ashley Angel:Thank you so much. I will always remember my best working experience, at ShopKo. I will visit everyone as soon as I can get home.

From jessica: What do you look for in a girl?

Ashley Angel:Sense of humor. A girl who is genuine, a girl who appreciates art, a girl who can talk-talk-talk. ('Cause I hate awkward silences!) A girl who can have fun.

From allanw007: Have you ever met Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera? What did you think of them?

Ashley Angel:No, I haven't met them. But I think both of them are incredible performers. After being in this group, I know what it's like to be in a group. I'm a big fan of Britney Spears.

From caritoble: Are you religious?

Ashley Angel:Yes, I believe in God very strongly, and I believe He plays a big part in our lives. And I try to live my life every day so He will be happy.

From bsbprfctfn: Since you are from California, do you like to surf?

Ashley Angel:I actually haven't had the time to learn how to surf. But I definitely scuba dive, which is one of my favorite California pastimes. I love to snowboard and wakeboard.

From flutterby824: How far behind current times is the show?

Ashley Angel:About four months.

From Verni: Who would you most like to meet and why?
Ashley Angel:There are so many people I want to meet. Harrison Ford, because he is really intriguing, and I want to act, so I'd want to ask him about filming Indiana Jones and Star Wars.

From sandy: If you were on a deserted island, what three things would you want and why?
Ashley Angel:I would want there to be a guitar, girls and food--so as not to die. I think I could have a pretty comfortable life with that.

From cabrio4j: Do you have an official club? Where do you chat with other members?

Ashley Angel:I don't have an official club. Very soon I will have a Website called There's nothing there yet. Check it every now and then. We will put it up soon. It will have pictures you've never seen before. I usually go into an AOL chat room to chat.

From trackgirl42: What's your favorite movie?

Ashley Angel:My favorite movie is The Matrix. It's the coolest movie.

From crazygirl4118: What do you like to do in your spare time?

Ashley Angel:In the spare time I do have, I like to write. In about a month we are going to record our first album, and we want to include a lot of our own songs. We've got big plans, baby.

From trackgirl42: Who is the most important person in your life?

Ashley Angel:I have to say my mom, because she is the most unselfish, giving, incredible person.

From shawna: How are you and Shelley doing?

Ashley Angel:I can't talk about it because the show is still on, but she is an awesome person. I just want everyone to know that sometimes things get blown up, and mistakes you make are what people remember. But Shelley is an amazing person.
From lisa: Do you guys plan on coming to Canada? You can't forget your Canadian fans.

Ashley Angel:No, we haven't forgotten our Canadian fans! We will be there in two or three days. We are going to be in Toronto to do radio and a big morning-TV show. We will definitely be going there and doing a tour. (I have a grandmother who lives there, too!)
From jenny1423: When is your next TV appearance?

Ashley Angel:My next appearance is going to be July 24 on TRL. We are going to be hosting with Carson Daly.

From ann: Hey, Ashley! Why do you call yourself Superman?

Ashley Angel:Because I love Superman. I used to have this pajama suit with a red cape, and I would sleep in it every night. I was 6 years old and thought I could really fly.

From otownspears: When are you going to make a music video?

Ashley Angel:We will make a music video when we release our single. It's going to be cool. You all have to request it on TRL.

From laura: Do you dream in color or black and white?

Ashley Angel:I dream in color--always in color.

From chaneal: What is that stick you were using in your hair?