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Ashley ::MSN Chat::

DishDiva :Hey everybody! Tonight we are happy to bring O-Town's Ashley Angel to MSN Live! Ashley, welcome to MSN Live!

Guest_Ashley_Parker_Angel : What's up everybody? Sorry for being a little bit late

DishDiva : surferchick4000 Asks: Hi ashley, fist i want to say i think your really talented! i was wondering if you and the other guys would be touring n e time soon in canda, cause we love you guys here!!! hope to see you soon

Guest_Ashley_Parker_Angel : We love Canada and we'll definately push to get there very soon hopefully thanks for all the love and support..You guys are wha'ts gonna make it happen for us..

DishDiva : AllForAshBaby Asks: Hi! Who are you closest to in the group? Luv ya! -Janine

Guest_Ashley_Parker_Angel : Thank You .. I love you too and I'm close with all the guys but I'd probably have to say on the road that Eric and I get along the best on the road because of our sense of humor....

DishDiva : Sweetgirl02 Asks: If you weren't singing, what would you like to be doing? Luv ya lots!

Guest_Ashley_Parker_Angel : but i'm close with all the guys I would be 'trying' to sing and I would be trying to break into the business I'd be doing either music or acting...

DishDiva : Taylor asks: Tell us how you got discovered!

Guest_Ashley_Parker_Angel : I found out about the National Talent search that they were doing for this show and I flew to Las Vegas Nevada

Guest_Ashley_Parker_Angel : From there I auditioned with a lot of guys , about 150 guys, and I auditioned to be part of the 25 semi-finalists to compete in the five spots in this new band

Guest_Ashley_Parker_Angel : Thats when I met Lupe Roman and I guess that's when he discovered me ... .

DishDiva : Silly Asks: Where do you get your drive to succeed from?

Guest_Ashley_Parker_Angel : I think I've always beene really motivated all through school and in my jobs and I've always wanted to be the best and I've just been naturally competative and I think that carried through here . It was a lot in the way I was raised .

DishDiva : Guest_i_love_you_ashley Asks: Who does the most talking on the phone??? Have a good summer.

Guest_Ashley_Parker_Angel : I'll put it this way...We ALL run out of minutes on our cell phone and we occassionally all get our cell phones turned off cause we use the maximum allowable minutes possible...

DishDiva : ashleys_angel_3 Asks: Ashley, was all the shower footage from one shower? Luv ya. Tara & Dana

Guest_Ashley_Parker_Angel : Love you too and I think that that shower footage was from a couple different showers

Guest_Ashley_Parker_Angel : I would shower and they would come in and shoot while I was in the shower...

DishDiva : Guest_OTOWNSaNGEL Asks: Whats the craziest thing a fan has done to meet you ?

Guest_Ashley_Parker_Angel : We were in Canada and these girls were trying to think of a different gift that they could get us that would stand out and they got us a hamster and they called us the O'Town official mascot and we've had fans rent rooms in our hotels I'd say the hamster is definitely up there as the original idea from fans.

DishDiva : OTownChic5 Asks: Hey Ashley! What colonge do you use?

Guest_Ashley_Parker_Angel : I use Aqua deGio and I also use Perry Ellis

DishDiva : MrsAshleyParkerAngel Asks: Hi Ash! If u could choose between Christina or Britney, who would u pick? Love ya!!!

Guest_Ashley_Parker_Angel : Let me get back to you on that, but I'm leaning towards Brittany

DishDiva : Guest_OTownIsStellar Asks: Hey Ashley! We're the girls who made you the huge cookies and cake! We were wondering if you are going to be using any of the footage from the "Ashley Cam" for either tour video or a follow-up to your tv series. Miss U! See you soon!-Deanna, Geena, Marisa

Guest_Ashley_Parker_Angel : Definitely we are hoping to put out a video or DVD of some never before seen footage of making the band and will be some footage from us on the road and on tour and the recording studio so that'll be cool ...

DishDiva : KimSyncAngel Asks: Ashley, what's the most embarrassing thing you've been caught doing in front of the cameras?? Love ya, Kim

Guest_Ashley_Parker_Angel :
Me and Eric always make up these crazy skits .. we're big fans of Saturday Nite Live and I was pretending to be a frog and i had my tongue out and was hopping around the room and I turned and the camera was on me

DishDiva : MSwEeTiCHic14 Asks: Since you all live in Orlando now, what do you enjoy doing in your free time as a group in the area? Do you still hang out at N.Y.P.D Pizza?--Marissa, Fl

Guest_Ashley_Parker_Angel :
We try to get to NYPD Pizza whenever possible because it's the best Pizza.. when we have free time we're big movie watchers and some of the guys are picking up golf, we swim, we go to Lou's house, we go on the boats, we write music.

DishDiva : Soso Asks: Who writes the most?

Guest_Ashley_Parker_Angel : I'd have to say probably Jacob and I just because we both play instruments

DishDiva : otownlover4ever Asks: hey love yah......what are some goals in ur life? thnx

Guest_Ashley_Parker_Angel : My goal is to help make O'Town big .. HUGE.. and push what's already been done before and to make ourselves really really stand out

Guest_Ashley_Parker_Angel : then i want to move into film and acting....and I want to stay who I am and I believe God is very important and family and friends are very important....

DishDiva : I_love_otown Asks: How often do you come online?? Love you soooo much...thanks for coming to MSN!

Guest_Ashley_Parker_Angel : I get online every couple days cause I travel with my laptop and I love to get on and check out whatever..I love the net..if we get really busy sometimes its a week but I love getting on and chatting with friends. No Problem .. WE LOVE MSN

DishDiva : Guest_PnAyDr3aMr Asks: Hi Ashley! Has the band completed their first album yet, and if so, when will it be out?

Guest_Ashley_Parker_Angel : No we have not and that is what we'll be doing in the next couple months and hopefully our single will be coming out in September and the album will come out at Christmas.

DishDiva : toronto_girl1 Asks: Hi Ash! With all this media attention around the group, how do you keep yourself grounded?

Guest_Ashley_Parker_Angel : I have a wonderful family and I have the best friends and I have a really strong belief in God. I'm really close with my mom who I learned alot from growing up and I still learn alot from and all the guys in the group are really grounded. They all have great families and we all keep each other humble.

DishDiva : Guest_Ashleys_gurl_4eva Asks: Hi Ashley!!! Do u have a pet?? If so what kind is it and what is it's name???

Guest_Ashley_Parker_Angel : I have a dog in Ca and I've had him since I was about 9 or 10. His name is Chang, because he used to fall asleep to piano music my mom would play this music by this composer, chang, and that's how he got the name

DishDiva : Living_4_Otown Asks: What is something you would like to do, like sky diving or something ?

Guest_Ashley_Parker_Angel : Oh yeah I'm big into thrill so I would love to travel and there are so many places in the world I'd like to see I'd love to sky dive and I'd love to race one day and I'd love to scuba dive in Figi.

DishDiva : Guest_OTOWNSaNGEL6544 Asks: How did you celebrate your birthday? we love you!

Guest_Ashley_Parker_Angel : Fortunately I was in Sacramento so I got to hang out with my brother and my family and I, we all got to hang out at my brother's house with all the guys.

DishDiva : Guest_LilBruin04 Asks: If you were a Survivor on a deserted island and you were able to take three things with you, what would they be?

Guest_Ashley_Parker_Angel : It would be Music, Women and ummm a cruise ship so that anytime I wanted to leave I could go back to wherever and I wouldn't be stranded.

DishDiva : ASHLEYAISHOTT Asks: Have you met anyone you've always wanted to meet yet ?

Guest_Ashley_Parker_Angel : Yes, I have. I met Mel Gibson which was really cool
I've met alot of people I've met the Jackson Five but not Michael yet. I cant wait to meet Michael one day

DishDiva : KimSyncAngel Asks: Who has had the biggest influence on your career?

Guest_Ashley_Parker_Angel : I remember the biggest name in music that I idolized was Michael Jackson I thought he was the most incredible performer, I have all his videos. I love the arts.

DishDiva : SweetAngel1289 Asks: Hey Ash, when you were in the house for the filming of making the band, did it annoy you, or after a while did you get used to it??

Guest_Ashley_Parker_Angel : sometimes its annoying only because of the lack of privacy but everyone that we worked with was very understanding, very cool, and after the first couple weeks we got used to it and it became our everyday life.

DishDiva : Ashleyz_Angel_4ever Asks: Ashley, if you could switch places with anyone in the world who would it be and why ?

Guest_Ashley_Parker_Angel :
I would say that I wouldnt switch, i would be me. If i had the opportunity I would just be me because I'm very happy in my life which who I am and my family .. I wouldnt switch places with anybody I could never give that up.

DishDiva : Great........Getting back to the band...........

DishDiva : Guest_Ashleys_gurl_4eva Asks: Hi Ashley!!! I wanted to know who has the messiest bunk on your tour bus??? Thanx!!! :0

Guest_Ashley_Parker_Angel : We haven't toured for a long time in a tour bus but judging by the rooms and our apartments probably Eric would have the messiest bunk.

DishDiva : FootballLuvinGirl Asks: Are you and Shelli still together (you dont have to answer this)

Guest_Ashley_Parker_Angel : Actually I cant answer that because ABC wont let us say anything that hasn't been on the show yet. Coming up in some episodes that question will be answered.

DishDiva : AsHLeE_gReEn Asks: what is your favorite song that you guys have sang so far ?

Guest_Ashley_Parker_Angel : My favorite song that we've done so far is a song that no one has heard yet. It's called Say, Say. It's a song that we all wrote together.
I think it's going to be in an episode coming up that we write it together. We all sat together and I had my guitar and we wrote this song and it's called Say, Say.

DishDiva : ASHLEYAISHOTT Asks: What do think of the label 'boy band'?

DishDiva : Hold on.....Ashley will be right back

Guide_KarenA : ashley will be back in a moment folks

Guide_KarenA : maybe he had to rest his fingers from typing so much

DishDiva : Ashley was typing so fast......he knocked himself off!

Guide_KarenA : ashley will be right back-be patient. He's worth waiting for, isn't he?

DishDiva : We are back!

DishDiva : Guest_AshleysGirl Asks: Hi! I love you and I have one question... boxers or breifs ?

Guest_O-Town_Ashley : (laughs) I gotta say briefs. But it is a mix between both.

DishDiva : tto_girl1 Asks: Who was your idol growing up as a child? luv ya, amy

Guest_O-Town_Ashley : Hi Amy. I would have to say the first person I idolized was Michael Jackson. I loved his music. I studied him. I was huge huge into Michael Jackson and still him.

DishDiva : OTownFan4Eva Asks: What is your fav amuesment park and what is your fav roller coaster ?

Guest_O-Town_Ashley : My favorite park is Island of Adventure. My favorite ride there is the Spider Man. My favorite coaster is Dueling Dragons

DishDiva : SweetSurrender_0x Asks: Do you play any sports? Love you!-Juliet

Guest_O-Town_Ashley : Hi Juliet! I basketball. That is my favorite sport. I like raquetball and tennis too.

DishDiva : O_Town_fanatic Asks:
What are your hobbies besides music ?

Guest_O-Town_Ashley : Snowboarder, scubadiving, writing music, watching movies, writing screenplays, acting.

DishDiva : Prinze_Jr_19 Asks: Ashley, YOU ARE THE GREASTEST!! Do You Ever Get Homesick??

Guest_O-Town_Ashley : Hi. definitely. A lot. I miss home so much but we get chances to go home. I am home now. I miss my family and my friends.

DishDiva : Molly-O Asks: Do you have any other acting plans other than "Making The Band" ?

Guest_O-Town_Ashley : Definitely. "Making the Band" is not really acting but i would love to move into films. I love movies. I am writing screenplays but I would prefer to be in front of the camera

Guest_O-Town_Ashley : I have to go soon. I have time for one more question.

DishDiva : Guest_OTownIsStellar Asks: LUV U!!!! Ashley. how would you describe O-Town in one word?-

Guest_O-Town_Ashley : That is tough. O-Town can't be described in one word but I would say-- ready, focused, and hungry to be the best.

DishDiva : Thanks Ashley!

DishDiva : Ashley, it's been great having you as our guest on MSN Live. Will you come back again?

Guest_O-Town_Ashley : Dish Diva, definitely. I love MSN and I love all you fans. You are what makes O-Town right now. You are becoming part of our history and we <3 you!

Guest_O-Town_Ashley : bye!