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Ashley ::ABC Q & A::

Question: What about you will make you an interesting roommate?
Answer: I am very open and easy going, and have an awesome sense of humor. I am also very driven and focused on becoming the best. I also own Star Wars sheets and pillows, which is an added plus. (No one will be allowed to share my Yoda toothbrush, though!)

Question: How would someone who really knows you describe your best traits?
Answer: Loving, patient, honest, dedicated, focused, comical, charismatic, charming, and everybody's best friend.

Question: Who is the most important person in your life right now?
Answer: Objectively, it is hands down my mother. She has worked hard and supported me through everything and I attribute my entire musical background to her. Other "high-scorers" on the list of most important is my mentor and prior drama teacher. He is always teaching me and inspiring me further.

Question: How would someone who really know you describe your worst traits?
Answer: Maybe a little vain sometimes. Too focused or into what I'm concentrating on so that I have trouble deciphering the outside world.

Question: Describe a major event or issue that affected your family.
Answer: My grandfather passed away recently from cancer. This pulled our family closer and we were able to remember him with happy memories. We were close.

Question: Is there any issue, political or social, that you're passionate about?
Answer: Politically, there was a bill in California being voted on that would grant school libraries and classrooms more money. We got students together and rallied all day on the street in front of my high school.

Question: What is your greatest fear?
Answer: My greatest fear is setting a goal for myself that I want so bad I can taste it and never achieving it.

Question: If you had Aladdin's Lamp and three wished what would they be?

1. My family to be taken care of the way I feel they should.
2. I would wish for success in life. Not immediate success, though, I want to enjoy the journey as well.
3. More wishes!! ...And this is a valid wish!! If you want, we will argue one on one in an armwrestling match to the death.

Q: Describe your fantasy date.
A: Candles, dim-lighting (preferable outside at dusk), soft music and a freshly cooked meal... by me. There has to be a certain level of intimacy, no crowded restaurants or showy clothes. I think natural and beautiful at the same time is very sexy