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Boxers or briefs?: Likes Calvin Klein- briefs

Diet consists of: Lots of chicken and salads and fruit smoothies. And a lot of Starbucks coffee, but that tends to be a splurge.

Ashley is very ticklish on the sides of his stomach. What makes him laugh is ridiculous humor: Saturday Night Live, Monty Python, Robin Williams, Jim Carey
What Ashley looks for in a girl: Sense of humor, a girl that is genuine, a girl that appreciates art, a girl that can talk talk talk -- cause I hate ackward silence, and just a girl who can have fun.

This California guy doesn't know how to surf

Is he religious: Ashley say....Yes, I believe in God very strongly and I believe that he plays a big part in our lives. And I try to live my life everyday so that he would be happy.

Favorite movieThe Matrix. It's the coolest movie.

Any official Ashley clubs?: Ashley says... I don't have an official club (as of July 17, 2000). Very soon I will have a web site There's nothing there yet- check it every now and then. We will put it up soon. It is by us- with pictures you've never seen before. I usually go into an AOL chat room to chat.

What he likes to do in his spare time: In the spare time that he does have, he likes to write. In about a month, O-Town is going to record their first album. And they want to include a lot of their own songs. "We've got big plans baby," says Ashley.

Ashley loves Superman. He used to have a pajama suit with a red cape and he used to sleep in it every night. He was 6 years old and used to think he could really fly.(good think he didn't test that out, ay?)

Earliest memory: Taking this thing of kite string and spilling it everywhere and making a big tangled mess. And he got in trouble, he was about three. Ashley says, "See, my first experience is of me getting in trouble and it still hasn't changed."

Favorite place in the world: St. Thomas, Virgin Islands.

Ashley's mother, a piano teacher, started to teach him to play when he was just four years old. His stepfather also taught him drums and guitar. What a pal... One of his teachers, Hoover, encouraged Angel and was not surprised at his success: "He's probably the most talented person I've ever known to come out of Redding." Hoover wanted to give Angel a guitar but Angel insisted on buying it, so Hoover sold it to him for a dollar. Ashley auditioned for Making the Band in Las Vegas, Nevada, where he sang a song he'd written and accompanied himself on guitar.

If you've followed the show, you know that he has a long-term girlfriend who he's been involved in with for well over a year. They've had ups and downs over this band-making process, with tears and joy all piled together. Ashley still maintains "I've met a lot of girls and she's the only one I want."

Ashley Quote: "There was so much pressure knowing you were always being evaluated, and then you had to go home and realize you're living with three guys who weren't going to make it, and one of those guys could be you."