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PLEASE Read Carefully before you send us e-mail

  1. We *do not* know O-Town at all! We wish we did, (LOL), but we don't!

  2. We *are not* O-Town

  3. We *do not* know any member of O-Town's phone numbers. But at, the official website, says their e-mail address is Each Week one lucky fan will get a response! You canCLICK HERE to go to their official website and learn more.

  4. We will try to have MANY MORE pictures as soon as possible! Everyone wants pic we understand but our website is large and we focus on every aspect, including pictures. We are also often busy with life, so it takes time. :0)

  5. We *don't* open or read e-mails with attachments. Too many viruses going around at the moment. We appreciate the O-Town fans trying to send us some pix. But we can't accept them at this time.

  6. We know, we know! We don't update much at all. This site is more of an archive for us. We keep it up and update occassionally. We still love O-Town but have moved on to many other things. One particular website of ours will be shown soon. You'll be able to marry your favorite O-Town member(s) and other celebrities, with a marriage certificate and everything!
    Anyway, we (or most likely I, the webmistress) will try to get back to you soon.

Anymore questions or comments? E-mail us at HERE!

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